Dave from KITECINEMA.COM kindly agreed to do an exclusive ITW for the blog!

And on top of that, he made a sick movie for us!!! ( see it at the end of page) :-O


Profile :

Name: Dave Lute

Age: 33

Nationality: Dutch

Job: graphic Designer

Home spot: Wijk aan Zee (the Netherlands)

Sponsors / partners: Hanglos.nl , Len10 now and then, and friends that give a damn

Things you like ( in general ): Kiteboarding off-course, my sun Kian, and lots of things

Things you hate: lying people,


Hello Dave, I really like your work with KITECINEMA

- thanks, the appreciation is what drives me to keep on doing what i do.

How did you start filming kiteboarders ?

-That's a whole different story all together:

I was the only and the first one that had gotten some kitegear on my home spot, thanks to my friends at SoulMedia back in 1999.

It continued a family-tradition so far, cause history tells that my grandpa was the first with a (home-made) catamaran (i real ugly beast, made of wood and tons of polyester in the 60's) then there was my father who was the first with a windsurf set (in the beginnning of the 70's - a big huge Mistral Competition) I was six years old when he got a minisail for it, and so i started windsurfing in 1979 until 1999 When i got my kitegear.

That brings me to why i started filming: From my grandpa' winddriven adventures we only have a painting left of that era, and from the windsurfing years from my dad and me and my brother, we only have some pictures left, so i thought I must do something to memorize this third generation of our family's windriven nature in a far more better way, and that was by filming it all.


So i bought myself a little JVC DV-camera and started filming. At first only myself with help from my dad, but later on i met more and more kiters in Holland and started filming them as well, resulting in some great films like the Gekke Henkie Trilogy, the first kitecam '02, Trainingday 1 and the Dutch Championships and more. People began to like my movies more and more untill there was no turning back anymore and i started Kitecinema.com to continue my hobby in a more streamlined and better presented way to the public. Today filming/ making movies is still is my nr.2 hobby after hobby nr. 1 , Kiteboarding.

Did you learn editing and other filming techniques by yourself ?

Yes, entirely, but i keep things simple, it's still a hobby you know.

Otherwise i should go pro, and that i do not want really, i now have the freedom to do and to show what i want, when i want.And no one will point out what i should do.

Although, i would want to be paid for hours put in to it, but that will not make a more special or better movie.

Still for now some gifts and other support like in the LEN10 Movieseries for instance, together with mystic and Slingshot, Ruben takes care of some compensation for me.And that is nice, it gives back some costs made and hours put into it, and keeps me eager to keep making better and more.

And in other times i still film (hobbywise) regular kiteboarders at kitespots and on kite-events whenever i want to.

What’s your main occupation ?

- I've my own company in Graphic Design and DTP, -Davelute.com-

Do you work with other people ?

- Nope, only with the customers of mine

Can you describe the filming gear you use ?

- mostly the cheapest gear i can get my hands on, but it must serve a purpose and must come with some degree of quality.


So far i use only the first consumer HDV camera that hit the market from Sony, the HDR-HC1, with a macro- and a tele-lens seperate.


I needed a weldeserved present for myself back then ;). So that's my only gear since some years now, and the only one i use for movies.

I recently got a minicam from GoPro, just for fun of it.


What do you need to do good slow motion movies ? is it expensive ?

- If you want it to be of very high end qualty you need expensive stuff, but for the regular work on dvd's or internet there are some better affordable options nowadays like the new sony prosumer cam range, thay have a '60 frames per second option' on them that you can put active for a couple of seconds to shoot action, results are fun, i've seen some footage made by Thomas Alsbrik, he owns such a cam.

I do not see the need for it to want one myself as i use standard slomo-option in my editing app, and that i find sufficient enough for internetmovies i make.

And sometimes for only making one or two good slomo's I use a external de-interlacer application to double the framerate in a fluid way (JES de-interlacer 3.0 )

What gear did you build for kitesurfing films ?

- A framework made of battens to mount a camera in my kitelines, after that, a underwaterhousing #1 for my JVC cam, then 2 years after that a built the 'Bohemath' and that was a home-made underwaterhousing for my new HDV cam, which was pretty nice. Than another year after that i built a framework to mount my entire HDV camera in my Kite :O But sadly not so long ago, after a Ruben session at IJmuiden the housing got beat up a little so it is broken now. (i need time rebuilding the thing again from scratch now, it will be easier and less time consuming though, cause i have still all the home-made parts.


( Note: DIY building section on  Dave's site: http://kitecinema.com/specials.html )

There’s a new trend with onboard cameras. Do you think it will 
develop, and that we’ll have Hi-Def waterproof mini-cameras in a near 
future ?

- luckely there is, and everybody can do it, because the cheapest 
ones have even enough quality to be shared on the internet with 
friends and viewers from all over the world. They are smaller and 
have better sensors (more pixels) and memorycards are cheaper and 
bigger. And they are light and some are even water resistant and can 
be hung in your kite (with some minor homebuild) modifications. HDV 
minicamera's? Oh Yes,offcourse they will come in the near future and 
get affordable to. We just have to be patient.  (by the way, Just 
recently heard of a new very small Panasonic HDV, with a flashcard)

Which rider(s) do you like filming best ? what tricks do you enjoy 

- It's more what type of rider i like. I like filming riders that are 
in doing smooth insane tricks and land everything!  And most of the 
time i prefer riders that are doing  very unique and very Agressive tricks! The tricks 
performed go from board-off's and regurlar big airs to the most 
insane incredibele high powered kiteloops like LEN10 is doing in storms


It’s very difficult to film kiteloops… Do you have a good tip on that ?

- No it's not that difficult, you only need to be prepared and know 
really well what you want and how to shoot, it is always a stride 
between, do i want to have the horizontal speed captured best or do i 
want nice pictures with rider and kite in the same shot and not 
caring about height or speed.
For over the head loopings you will need a macrolens, so you capture 
a large field of vision, to capture the rider and kite in 1 image.
but from the beach point of view you would want 2 things : some shots 
zoomed in on the rider, to view the G-force they undergo and maybe a 
weird facial expression, and the other view is, a total zoomed out 
picture that wil show the whole picture (kite and rider) and the 
speed and the height of the looping.

Do you think it’s risky to film riders in the water ? What’s the 
biggest crash you’ve seen ? Have you been filming in sharky waters ?

- Flying objects, speed , gravity, water and humans, especially all 
in once, always brings a bit of risk, but when you know what you're 
doing and with whom and where, you can narrow the risk greatly. For 
instance do not film on a crowded spot and always communicate and 
anticipate well with the rider you film, now you're plan and in what 
direction you must flee in to avoid a crashing kiteboarder in your head.
And always film in waters you can stand in! Not in very streaming 
waters , they wear you down, and if a tide comes up it might surprise 
you how much effort it will take to get back to shore with arms 
exhausted from keeping the camera up all the time.
Crashes happen all the time, i had some close calls but so far 
nothing really serious. And i keep away from sharky waters, also from 
spots with rocks on the seafloor.


Do you often miss a very good session because of filming ?

- I always try both, to film and to ride. Filming between riding or 
after riding and sometimes just no filming at all, only just riding.
And if i'm with Ruben Len10 for instance i couldn't care less if i 
ride or not. With Ruben Lenten it's most of the time 8 Beaufort and 
higher, and in those condontions i do not care to ride at all. I 
leave that to the insane idiots that dare and know what they are 
doing in those conditions.

Does filming gives you the opportunity to travel a lot ?

- Yes it does give the opportunity to travel a lot. It's a matter of 
fact that Ruben asked me to go with him on his adventures several 
times now.
But my homesituation won't let me do so because my girlfrind with 
whom i have a sun (Kian) with is diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses, 
enough so that being alone at home with our sun leaves here exhausted 
and in pain after some days, so being away from home for a long time 
is absolutely not an option for me. Also my work doesn't give much 
oppurtunity to go away for a long time. And off-course I have lot's 
of things going on at home to be happy with. You can never have all 
good things at the same time i guess.


What country or spot do you like best ( for the light, landscapes, 
spot quality… ) ?

- As i haven't travelled so many places i still have to say Holland, 
my home country, but most of the time it is just clouded and that is 
not good. But when a day arrives that gives great skies, sun and 
storms , it's like a surreal paradise to shoot in (a nice example of 
such a day is the Ruben Stormsjees the movie. \O/




What sports do you practice ? Do you work on other extreme sports ?

- kiteboarding only, there are no other sports, period !

What advice would you give to a beginner cameraman?
- keep it short and simple and use a tripod ! Keep the CAMERA STEADY! 
And stay off the effects buttons !
A raw and almost unedited short movie gives more fun to the viewer 
than a long overcrowded effects-invested piece of over-edited crap.
Keep it simpel!

(Some people are looking for a good editing software): What software do you use for editing ? what computer configuration do we need to work comfortably ?

- Good software is software you learn fast and has lots of export possibilities.

I use the the standard iMovie on a MAC, sometimes with help of some little plugins.

And for rendering internetmovies i use other apps to export a movie (mpegstreamclip, visualhub) I keep it simple, i do not want to spent time on learning a complex app, and coming up with something i do not like.

iMovie is simple, gives flexibility, and i really see what i am doing.

If i should name an equivalent for such a simple app with great results for windows it would be Pinacle Studio It works a bit similar and has lots of export possibilities to.

But everyone should work with what he or she likes best, some people like premiere, others Final Cut pro etc.

It is the result that counts not what you use.

Music is very important in your films: how do you choose it ? does it come naturally ?

Good question, music is the most important ingredient of my movies and if not my entire life.

music gives my feeling, inspiration and emotion.

Sometimes i try to search something to go with the footage i shot, but in other times I already have a particular song in mind when shooting something or trying to make something. One day a song fell from the sky when i was for weeks without inspiration, out of that came the RedBull Kitepunks 2007 the Movie (edited to the bone on sound only: http://www.kitecinema.com/kcm-archive-07/media/KITEPUNKS-2007-480.mov) . So sometimes things come naturally yes or almost even destined.

I always edit exactly to the beats and sounds of the music, it gives a enormous boost and a true feeling to the movie Not only do i edit to the music, i try to edit to the songtext also when possible or appropriate in a scene. It's more fun that way.

So music? Most important of all, for me! i need it! without it there's no point or way to get a feeling across.

What type of music fits kiteboarding action ?

- Mostly it will be uptempo music, but the best is when a song has soft and hard parts in it, to really emphasise the variability in shots or tricks done. But any music will do, it just depends what you like and what kind of 'feeling' you want to give the movie.

You can make a hard core action movie with some hardrock doom metal, or you can make a very nice slomo movie with opera in it.

What's in your i-pod at the moment ?

- Nothing, i do not own an ipod. I just have an immense endless MP3- list on my computer, consisting of all kinds of music in all kinds of genre's from many, many, many different artists, from many, many years.

Tell us about your next projects this year…
There are none, no plans as always, it's mostly spontaneous shooting 
all over the place, on a beautifull kiteday or event or shooting with 
a special rider for fun, who knows what comes my way. And i'm sure me 
and Ruben keep coming with nice footage to show you all and maybe 
with continued support from Mystic and Slingshot or others for 
supporting our endevours in moviemaking and making it public, there 
will be movies for ever and ever to view and enjoy for you all ...


Something to add ( anything you’d like to speak about…) ?

- Be safe and smile when you are on the water! Kiteboarding is a 
Funsport, show it to everybody!

Don't know how to film kiteloops ? here's a good "How To" Video: A little view in the kitchen of how kitecinema is filming on a day at IJmuiden with Sander en Ruben Len10 and Jur and others.

Vidéo envoyée par Kitecinema

But PLEASE watch it in good quality here:

High Def Video:http://www.kitecinema.com/exclusive/Kitecinema's-view.mp4


A big "THANK YOU" to DAVE, the LEN10 family, Jurrien Vermeulen and Nick Elsink's butt ! :-O

stay in tune with KITECINEMA.COM